Ayurvedic Medicine for Indigestion & Constipation

Ashta Choornam - 500 gms

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Kairali has developed Ashta Choornam which is powdered blend of 8 different herbs and spices. Ashta Choornam is highly effective in the conditions of digestive problems like flatulence, constipation and indigestion among others. Ashta Choornam is available in bulk packaging with price benefits for retailers, distributors and practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine. The safety of Ashta Choornam makes it a highly recommended formulation by the doctors while people also use it as ayurvedic therapy. This adds to its demand and sales volume in open market.

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Kairali has prepared Ashta Choornam as a fine blend of eight different herbs and spices that are known since ages to deliver relief in stomach and digestion related disorders. Ashta Choornam is highly beneficial in treating the conditions of indigestion, flatulence, constipation, stomach worms, infections and its safety is well proven even for the children! Our bulk packaging of Ashta Choornam is available with fine discounts and price cuts towards the trading needs of retailers and distributors, thus ensuring attractive trade margins. Ayurvedic practitioners can also order the bulk packs for prescription purposes. Ashta Choornam has been developed with perfect combination of trusted herbs and therefore is highly efficacious and safe. Apart from being referred as a prescription Ayurvedic medicine, it is also being used as a general over the counter Ayurvedic digestive aid by common people. This further adds to its market demand and hence higher sales volumes for the retailers and distributors.

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Composition : Each 10 g is prepared out of
Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name   Qty
1 Trikatu (each)      
  Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rz 1.250 g
Maricha Piper nigrum Fr.R 1.250 g
Pippali Piper longum Fr.R 1.250 g
2 Ajamoda Trachispermum roxburghianum  Dr.Fr 1.250 g
3 Saindhava Sodium Chloride   1.250 g
4 Jeerakadwe (each)
  Jeeraka Cuminum cyminum Dr.Fr 1.250 g
Kalajira Nigella sativa  Sd. 1.250 g
5 Hingu Ferula asafoetida  Exd 1.250 g
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