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Bala Root - 1000 gms

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Nowdays people aspire to retain their youth and vitality, even though it is against the rule of nature. This desire to remain fit and healthy and strong has its answer within nature, for example you have Bala Root Powder which is traditionally known to promote youth and vitality. Incidentally, in Sanskrit, Bala means “youth. This herb has small amounts of alkaloid ephedrine in it which is an explanation of its reputation in this arena. This herb is associated with the hindu Goddess Parvathi, and it is a part of the trinity attributes of “Tripura Shakti” (thrice beautiful).
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The dry herb is usually consumed as tea. You can use it upto four times if you use it by drying it in between. 1/4th oz of dried root is used to prepare a strong cup of this tea (decoction). The dry herb should be mixed with water and boiled until the water is reduced to half of its volume. Then this concoction should be put in the refrigerator and then consumed in doses of 2-3 tablespoons, 3 times a day. For the dried and powdered root, you can have ½ teaspoons of it per day. This powdered can easily be mixed and consumed with tea, soup or any such beverage. If you are using this as a part of a prescription, you should strictly adhere to the advice of the health care professional. It should not be taken during breastfeeding, or by children below 18, to be kept out of reach of children.
Each 10gm powder contains:
Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Bala root Sida cordifolia  Rt. 10g
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