Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Fall, Dandruff & Scalp Infections

Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam - 200 ml

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An Ayurvedic medicated hair oil prepared especially for scalps infected with dandruff and scabies. It also alleviates itching and burning sensation of scalp. It gives a good growth of hair as well.

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An Ayurvedic medicated oil prepared with Dhuradhurapatra as the key ingredient, Dhuradhurapatradi Thailam acts as an effective oil for treating dandruff and scabies. The prevalence of dandruff causes itching in the scalp and burning sensation, which in turn hinders the growth of hair. Dhuradhurapatradi Thailam significantly fights dandruff and keep the scalp free of infection. With frequent use of this oil, it promotes the growth of hair and keep the scalp healthy.


  1. Treats Dandruff
  2. Reduces Hair Fall
  3. Treats Itchy Scalp
  4. Improves Scalp Skin Health
As directed by Ayurvedic Physician
Composition: Each 10ml Prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty.
1 Taila Sesamum indicum Ol 10.00 ml
2 Dhurdhurapatra Datura metel Lf 10.00 g
3 Durva Cynodon dactylon Lf 10.00 g
4 Amrita Tinospora cordifolia St. 10.00 g
5 Kimsuka Zanthoxylum rhesta Lf 10.00 g
6 Kushta Saussurea lappa Rt 0.156 g
7 Mustha Cyperus rotundus Rz. 0.156 g
8 Ela Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr 0.156 g
9 Madhuka Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt 0.156 g
10 Keraksheera Coconut Milk ELADI 10.00 ml
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