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Why Kairbal?

Kairbal body wash powder is an Ayurvedic solution in order to get a moisturized, soft and smooth skin. This is an Ayurvedic alternative for soap which is made with healing skin-care methods. Our skin comes in contact with dirt and other harmful impurities on a regular basis. It requires daily moisturization and nourishment to maintain the natural glow and softness of the skin. Kairbal, made with the natural key ingredients namely, horse gram, galangal, nut grass and green gram, is an effective body wash powder that enables the skin to breathe properly and get a natural refreshment. Maintaining the natural moisture of the skin is what everyone seeks now-a-days. In this contemporary world, where everyone is trending in the ‘go-green’ pattern, Kairali has kept up the name of Ayurveda and has come up with various products that are produced naturally. This helps in the enhancement of the quality of the skin and helps to get a clear, soft and a brighter skin. Kairbal Ayurvedic body wash powder is an excellent exfoliator that acts as a natural scrub and helps to remove the dead skin cells thus reviving the natural glow of the skin.


  • Revives natural glow
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Cleanses and revives skin.
  • Detoxifies skin layers.

How does the skin get affected?

There are various causes for our skin to get damaged and lose the moisture in it. Many people opts for various ways and means in order to get rid of the skin-related issues, but fails to find a permanent solution to address the concern. All the products that are found in the market are mostly chemicals that further aggravate the situation. The harmful gases that makes the air more polluted is very harmful for the skin. The UV rays too dampen the skin and makes it look dry and dull. And moreover the eating habits of today’s people are nothing less. It always worsens the case and hampers the skin and body to a considerable extent. That is why Kairali has come up with a permanent solution in order to keep all skin issues at bay.

About Kairali

  • More than 100 Years of accumulated Experience.
  • The company hails from a long family lineage of traditional Ayurvedic doctors.
  • The company has received several accolades for its highly beneficial products and is a GMP certified company using state of the art technology for manufacturing and analyzing its products.
  • One of the most awarded companies in the Ayurvedic ecosystem.
  • Pays top priority to Ayurvedic research and is constantly investing to improve the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of the modern-day ailments.
  • All the raw materials are sourced from the best herbal gardens that are mostly natural and environmentally safe.


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