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Why Kairkare Plus?

Kairkare Plus is an Ayurvedic massage oil that helps in alleviating any kind of muscular and joint pains from the body. It is a unique product from Kairali that is fast as well as effective in treating various kinds of pain from the body. This Ayurvedic pain relieving oil from Kairali is helpful in the treatment of spondylitis, back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica pains and muscular spasms. The key ingredients namely, asana, dry ginger, Indian cotton plant, garlic and drumstick plant, makes Kairkare Plus a unique and an effective pain relieving massage oil. The goodness of all the ingredients helps to cure every symptom of pain from within and diminishes the root cause of the problem. There would be numerous of pain relieving massaging oils in the market that promises to cure the pain. They do cure, but, only temporarily. But Kairkare Plus is an excellent creation of Kairali that enables to fight the root cause of the problem by letting the oil penetrate into the tissues. This further helps to reduce the pain from the affected area and allow for flexible movement of the body. This body massage oil has anti-inflammatory agents that provides instant and permanent relief and helps to strengthen the bone tissues and neuromuscular system.

Product Benefits:

  • Heals and soothes various body aches.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Eases pain and inflammation
  • Alleviates numbness..
  • Beneficial for muscular spasm.

How does the body get affected?

Muscular and joint pains have become very common these days. Every single person out of two are suffering from these kinds of aches. Our body is becoming lethargic and dependent on the materialistic belongings day by day due to which we take our body for granted. Our body tends to get acquainted with the daily lifestyle which in turn makes the body inactive and dull and people are more prone to eating junk and fast food at that moment. This is also another reason for the onset of pain in various parts of the body.

Due to normal tear and wear of the tissue as well, the body has to undergo pain. This pain sometimes is very severe and leads to permanent injury. So in order to fight these situations, Kairali has brought in a unique innovation that is much more beneficial than any other product found in the market. It helps to get rid of the excess pain in the body and slows for free movement of the muscles and joints.

About Kairali

  • More than 100 Years of accumulated Experience.
  • The company hails from a long family lineage of traditional Ayurvedic doctors.
  • The company has received several accolades for its highly beneficial products and is a GMP certified company using state of the art technology for manufacturing and analyzing its products.
  • One of the most awarded companies in the Ayurvedic ecosystem.
  • Pays top priority to Ayurvedic research and is constantly investing to improve the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for the benefit of the modern-day ailments.
  • All the raw materials are sourced from the best herbal gardens that are mostly natural and environmentally safe.

Kairkare Plus

Kairkare Plus
Kairkare Plus
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