Ayurvedic Medicine for Memory, Intelligence & Speaking Disabilities

Saraswatha Gritham - 150 gms

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This Gritham that is Ghee based is an Ayurvedic medicine that treats disorders related to the brain in children. This herbal remedy is also part of the procedure in Panchkarma treatments. It is instrumental in improving memory, intelligence & speaking disabilities.

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This Gritham is prepared using all herbal and natural ingredients and is used for treating disorders related to nervous system. It is usually used in the treatment of children. It boosts their mental capabilities and treats ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder). It also increases patience and attention span.

This Ayurvedic remedy for brain disorders is major ingredient in preparation procedures of Snehkarma and Panchkarma. Snehkarma is a herbal remedy and procedure that is used for treatment of speech delay, speaking difficulties, low intelligence and digestion power in children. Kairali’s Saraswatha Gritham calms the mind and the body.

This is the best Ayurvedic solution which does not have any side-effects. It also aids in Stammering and Parkinson related issues and lowers the level of impulsiveness of mind like shaking hands and feet, nonstop talking, etc. It also calms stomach and bowel movements and improves heart health. This herbal remedy also helps in extreme cases where usual medicinal procedures fail to provide results.


There are no specific rules to be followed before taking it but people having diseases like BP, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. need to take it with precaution. It demands one to avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food till the time it is taken.


  1. Specially for children
  2. Improves speaking difficulty
  3. Improves digestion power in children
  4. Improves speaking ability in children
  5. Improves memory in children
As directed by Ayurvedic Physician
S.No Sanskrit name Botanical name Parts Used Form Qty.
1 Abhaya Terminalia chebula Fr.R. Pst. 0.174 gm
2 Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rz. Pst. 0.174 gm
3 Marica Piper nigrum Dr.Fr. Pst. 0.174 gm
4 Pippali Piper longum Dr.Fr. Pst. 0.174 gm
5 Patha Cyclea peltata Rt. Pst. 0.174 gm
6 Ugra Acorus calamus Rz. Pst. 0.174 gm
7 Sigru Moringa oleifera Rt. Pst. 0.174 gm
8 Ajaksira Goat's milk   as it is 11 ml
9 Sarpi Ghee   as it is 11 ml
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