Kairwash Powder - 1400 gms

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Ayurveda is known as the science of life. It is a traditional medicine since the vedic era. Ayurvedic medicine treats a number of diseases without any kind of side effects. Kairwash Powder is Kairali's ayurvedic shampoo which is one of the leading brand in the ayurveda products. It has no side effects and very good for your hair. Our shampoo is very popular in the market because of its fine benefits.
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Kairali Kairwash shampoo is the perfect choice for you hair care. In this shampoo there are natural ingredients like Ragapuspi (Shoe flower plant), Amlaki (Gooseberry), Mugda (Green Gram), Methika (Fenugreek), Arista (Neem), Kulatha (Horse Gram) and Saptala (Soap Nut Acacia). All these ingredients of Kairwash helps in hair fall control, cures scalp infection, protects your hair from premature graying. Kairwash also helps in strenghthening your hair, keeps hair bouncy and improves silkyness of hair. Kairwash powder is a traditional method of hair care. As it is made of natural ingredients it makes your hair smooth and shiny. Hibiscus and Fenugreek act as conditioners which protects your hair from root to the tip. This powder is a mixture of nourishing, cleansing and foaming herbal ingredients with strengthens the hair roots.
Composition : Each 100 g prepared from
Sl No: Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts used Qty
1 Ragapuspi  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Fl. 50 g
2 Mudga  Vigna radiata Sd. 10 g
3 Amalaki  Emblica officinalis Fr.R 10 g
4 Methika  Trigonella  foenum Sd. 5 g
5 Arista  Azadirachta indica   5 g
6 Kulatha  Dolichos biflorus Sd. 5 g
7 Mendhi  Lawsonia inermis Lf. 5 g
8 Saptala  Acacia sinuata Dr.Fr. 5 g
9 Arishta Sapindus mukorossi Dr.Fr. 5 g
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