Ayurvedic Oil for Joint, Muscular & Arthritis Pains

Kairtis Oil - 5000 ml

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There is no end of the people who are suffering from the severe joint pains such as rheumatism or arthritis. Along with time, because of the complicated and unhealthy lifestyle, their number is growing gradually. This is the reason that making use of the Ayurvedic oil happens to be of much use. Kairali's Ayurvedic Joint pain oil happens to be quite a support in this matter. This oil has the herbal extracts of number of effective plants and elements that help the joint pains to decrease to a substantial level.
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Now is the time to get rid of the suffering that are due to physical issues like arthritis and rheumatism and that also not just through some pain killers. Kairali brings you some of the most effective solutions for such joint pains and aches. The collection of notable herbs and other natural ingredients has made this oil highly effective for relieving pain. Methodical massage with the oil on regular basis visibly reduces the pain and that is what makes the result of the application of this oil all the more significant. Ayurveda has made it possible to get the remedies that are without any side effect. Specially for the long run the old persons and for the youngsters suffering from early arthritis this oil can be the best solution that they can opt for. The oil is not only a respite, but also a remedy that, if used in the right way, this oil can be properly working in keeping the body sans any kind of pain or aching issue. For keeping the health and the body condition in the best state, many are deciding to make use of this oil and that is the reason that the demand for this oil is increasing fast.
Composition : Each 100 ml prepared from
Sl No: Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts used Qty
1 Kharayashti Sida cordifolia Rt. 20 g
2 Sigru  Moringa oleifera St.Bk 20 g
3 Arka  Calotropis gigantea Rt. 20 g
4 Vatari  Ricinus communis Rt. 20 g
5 Sadachara  Strobilanthes heynianus Pl. 20 g
6 Sadaphala Aegle marmelos Rt. 20 g
7 Madhuparni Gmelina arborea Rt. 2 g
8 Thakari  Premna corymbosa Rt. 2 g
9 Patala  Stereospermum colais Rt. 2 g
10 Dunduka Oroxylum indicum Rt. 2 g
11 Asana  Pterocarous marsupium Rt. 2 g
12 Takara Cassia tora Pl. 2 g
13 Sunthi  Zingiber officinale Rz. 2 g
14 Abhaya  Terminalia chebula Fr.R 2 g
15 Rasna  Alpinia galanga Rz. 2 g
16 Karpasa  Gossypium herbaceum Sd. 2 g
17 Tila Sesamum indicum  Sd.Ol 100 ml
18 Kanjika  Dhanyamlam   30 ml
19 Gokshira Cow's Milk   100 ml
20 Karpoora Cinnamomum camphora Exd. 0.5 g
21 Kanmadam Mineral Pitch   0.1 g
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