Ayurvedic Oil to Treat Neurological & Arthritic Disorders

Ksheerabala (101) - 10 ml

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It is an excellent Ayurvedic oil for the treatment of neurological disorders like facial Palsy, hemiplegia, chronic headache, migraine, ear ache, minor vision impairments etc are cured with apt administration of Ksheerabala in the form of Nasya or internal medication.

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Potentized 101 times, Ksheerabala in the best ayurvedic oil indicated for neurological disorders. Facial palsy and Hemiplegia which are caused by neurological disorders are cured to a remarkable extend by appropriate usage of the medicine. Apt dosage of medicine taken internally and adequate dose administered in the form of Nasya have proven results in the treatment of the above mentioned diseases.

Chronic headache and migraine which rarely get cured with conventional measures are well treated and remarkably cured ache, minor impairments of vision, hair-fall etc are also treated effectively with Ksheerabala (101).

It strengthens the nerves and assists in the proper functioning of nervous system.


  1. Improves facial palsy
  2. Excellent for neurological disorders
  3. Effective for chronic headache
  4. Effective in vision impairments
As directed by ayurvedic physician
Composition: 10 ml Prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty.
1 Tailam  Sesamum indicum Ol 10.000 ml
2 Balamoola Sida retusa Rt 10.781 g
3 Ksheeram Cow Milk   40.000 ml
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