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Lemon Herbal Shampoo for Dandruff

Lemon Shampoo - 500 ml

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Do you want a shampoo that is less harsh on your hair and yet does its job effectively? Something that is more herbal and has less chemicals? Kairali's Lemon Shampoo is the answer to all your questions. This product is a miraculous blend of the best hair technology coupled with the best of nature's herbal gifts which produces an amazing product that is soft on the scalp, helps you achieve shiny, gorgeous and healthy hair, which is very difficult to achieve otherwise.

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As said earlier, this shampoo is a concoction that is blended from mother nature's gifts. It is enriched with the essential vitamins and anti-oxidants that revitalize your hair and thus you have an edge in your personality. It works amazingly on the quality of the hair too. It wonderfully works on the growth of your hair. Today's world poses a lot of problems for the modern woman, one of which is the repeated exposure to the inevitable pollution. This is a perfect product to counter this damage as it works on building the strength of your hair. This shampoo can also repair damages caused to the hair caused due to overstyling, which is a major issue as the modern woman is prone to multitasking. It is a mixture of cleaning, foaming and nourishing ingredients which stimulate the scalp and prevents thinning of the hairline. It locks the moisture in, leaving it with full spectrum, refines the pores and your hair looks naturally stong, bouncy and revitalized which takes off your stress.
Apply required quantity of shampoo on wet hair and massage to form lather. Rinse off with Water and repeat if desired
  Each 200 ml contains
  Sl No Ing. Name Qty
  1 Sodium lauryl ethyl sulphate 57 g
  2 Coconut oil  18 g
  3 Glycerin 6 ml
  4 Propylene glycol  6 ml
  5 Citrus limon(lemon extracts) 3 g
  6 Sodium hydroxide 3 g
  7 Guar gum  2 g
  8 Perfume 2 g
  9 color 1 g
  10 Prunus amygdalas(almond)  1 g
  11 Accacia sinnuata (shikakai) 0.6 g
  12 Hibiscus rosa sinensis(hibiscus) 0.6 g
  13 Sodium benzoate 0.3 g
  14 Citric acid-20% aqueous solution Q.S.
  15 Aqua  Q.S.
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