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Ayurvedic Medicine for Anaemia, Piles, Liver, IBS & Digestive Disorders

Pippalyasavam - 450 ml

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Pippalyasavam (Pippalyasava) is a beneficial Ayurvedic medicinal tonic used for the treatment of anaemia, piles, IBS, liver, spleen, gastric & digestive disorders. It is a complete solution for digestive system complaints like anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas turbel, constipation, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, abdominal distension, abdominal & colicky pain. It acts as a liver tonic that helps to treat fatty liver & liver enlargement and gives remarkable result in piles, mal-absorption syndrome & irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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    Pippalyasavam (Synonyms: Pippalyasava, Pippalyadyasava) is an authentic fermented Ayurvedic herbal tonic of various potent herbs that has incredibledigestive stimulant, carminative, antihyperlipidemic, astringent, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, haematinic, immunomodulatory, metabolism stimulant, mucolytic, antitussive& laxative medicinal properties. According to Ayurveda, Pippalyasava helps to balances all the three Doshas, especially “VataDosha” and “KaphaDosha and increases ""Dipana"" (digestive fire).

    Pippallyasavam is an effective combination of herbs like pippali, maricha, chitrakaetc. known for its digestive properties that helps to relieve all digestive system complaints like anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas turbel, constipation, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, abdominal distension & colicky pain. It gives effective result in abdominal pain caused by indigestion, intestinal gas, pre-menstrual cramps & flatulence.

    Pippalyasava acts as a very good liver tonic that helps stimulate the liver function, strengthens the liver muscles, corrects the metabolism and treat anaemia, fatty liver, liver enlargement & spleen disorders. It gives remarkable result in piles (haemorrhoids), malabsorption syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), phthisis & tuberculosis. It also used as a supportive medicine in the treatment of cough, asthma & bronchitis.


    • Treats digestive disorders & abdominal distension
    • Treats anaemia, piles, mal-absorption syndrome & IBS
    • Treats anorexia & helps increase appetite
    • Very useful in piles (haemorrhoids)
    • Relieves fromconstipation& gas turbel
    • Effective in phthisis & tuberculosis
    • Useful in fatty liver & liver enlargement
    • Beneficialin cough, asthma & bronchitis
    • Helps to gain weight
    • Relieves general weakness & debility

    15 to 30 ml twice daily after food, or as directed by the physician. Get Free Ayurvedic Consultation

    Composition : Each 10 ml is prepared out of :
    Sl. No. Sanskrit Name English Name Botanical Name Parts Used Form Qty
    1 Pippali Indian long pepper Piper longum Fr. Pdr. 0.004 g
    2 Maricha Black pepper Piper nigrum Fr. Pdr. 0.004 g
    3 Chavya Wild pepper Piper brachystachyum Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    4 Haridra Turmeric Curcuma longa Rz. Pdr. 0.004 g
    5 Chitraka White lead wort Plumbago zeylanica Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    6 Musta Coco grass Cyperus rotundus Rt.T. Pdr. 0.004 g
    7 Vidanga Wawrung Embelia ribes Sd. Pdr. 0.004 g
    8 Kramuka Areca nut Areca catechu Sd. Pdr. 0.004 g
    9 Lodhra Lodh tree Symplocos cochinchinensis St.Bk. Pdr. 0.004 g
    10 Patha Pata root Cyclea peltata Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    11 Dhatri Gooseberry Phyllanthus emblica Fr.R. Pdr. 0.004 g
    12 Elavalukha Cardamom Prunus avium Fl. Pdr. 0.004 g
    13 Usira Khas-Khas grass Vetiveria zizanioides Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    14 Chandana White sandal tree Santalum album Ht.Wd. Pdr. 0.004 g
    15 Kushta Costus Saussurea lappa Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    16 Lavanga Clove tree Syzygium aromaticum Fl. Pdr. 0.004 g
    17 Tagara Indian Valerian Valeriana wallichii  Rt. Pdr. 0.004 g
    18 Mamsi Indian Night shade Nardostachys grandiflora Rz. Pdr. 0.004 g
    19 Twak Cinnamon Cinnamomum verum St.Bk. Pdr. 0.004 g
    20 Ela Cardamom small Elettaria cardamomum Sd. Pdr. 0.004 g
    21 Tamalapattra  Indian Bay Leaf Cinnamomum  tamala Lf. Pdr. 0.004 g
    22 Priyangu Beauty Berry Callicarpa macrophylla Fl. Pdr. 0.004 g
    23 Nagakesara Iron wood tree Mesua ferrea Fl. Pdr. 0.004 g
    24 Dhataki Fire flame bush Woodfordia fruticosa Fl. As it is 0.085 g
    25 Draksha Grape wine Vitis vinifera Fr. As it is 0.508 g
    26 Guda Sugar cane Saccharum officinarum St. Dr.Jce. 2.538 g
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