Ayurvedic Oil for Neuromuscular Diseases

Prabhanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu - 5000ml

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Prabhanjana Vimardanam Thailam is Ayurvedic oil which is generally used to resolve vata imbalances. This thailam is used to cure neuromuscular disorders such as paraplegia, hameplegia, facial paralysis, cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, neuralgia, neuritis etc. Kairali’s Prabhanjana Vimardhanam Thailam is an essence of several medicinal herbs such as, bala ( sida cordifolia), shatavari (asparagus racemosus), shigru (moringa oleifera), varuna (crataeva nurvala), karanja (pongamia pinnata), eranda ( ricinus ccommunis), gambhari (gmelina arborea), cow milk, curd, sesame oil, ghee and many more. Neuromuscular diseases are disorders in nerves which eventually affects movements of muscles. These could be degeneration of nerves or inadequate stimulation in nervous system or compression of nerves. The affected area is peripheral nervous system which includes muscles, nerve-muscle junction, peripheral nerves in the limbs and motor-nerve cells in the spinal cord.
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Kairali’s Prabhanjana Vimardhanam Thailam is effective oil in neuromuscular disorders. It is a classical medicine which has been used since ages in conditions like paraplegia, in which half of the body is paralysed especially below the waist, sciatica, is caused by compression of spinal nerve root in the lower back which is due to degeneration of intervertebral disc and the pain affects back, hip and outer side of the leg, neuralgia, severe pain due to damaged nerves, hemiplegia, is paralysis of one side of the body due to loss of motor skills, facial paralysis, neuritis, inflammation of nerves. This medicine is also used to treat abscess, hernia, abdominal colic and conditions due to imbalance in vata dosha. It gives relief in different pains in muscules such as pricking pain, stabbing and pounding pain. It provides instant relief in rheumatism. The main ingredients used in Prabhanajana Vimardanam Thailam are Bala – Sida cordifolia, Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus, Shigru – Moringa oleifera, Varuna – Crataeva nurvala, Arka – Calotropis procera , karanja – Pongamia pinnata , Eranda – Ricinus ccommunis, Koranta (sahachara) – Barleria prionitis, Vajigandha – Withania somnifera, Prasarini – Paedaria foetida, Bilva – Aegle marmelos, Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum, Gambhari – Gmelina arborea, Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens, Agnimantha – Premna corymbosa, Taila – Oil of Sesamum indicum , ksheera – cow milk, Dadhi – Curds, Kanjika . Apart from these major ingredients several other herbs are used as well to prepare this thailam. It is prepared as per the formulation and method mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic text of Sahasrayogam. Kairali prepares it in its state of the art manufacturing unit using latest technology in its authentic ancient formulation.
Composition : Each 10 ml is prepared out of
Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Thailam  Sesamum indicum Ol 7.333 ml
2 Ghritham Cow Fat/ Pure Ghee   1.333 ml
3 Nimbatailam Azadirachta indica Ol 0.667 ml
4 Sarshapatailam Brassica nigra Ol 0.667 ml
5 Bala Sida cordifolia Rt    0.667 g
6 Sathavari Asparagus racemosus Rt.Tr    0.667 g
7 Sigru Moringa oleifera St Bk    0.667 g
8 Varuna Crataeva nurvala St Bk    0.667 g
9 Arka Calotropis gigantea  Rt.    0.667 g
10 Karanja Pongamia pinnata St Bk    0.667 g
11 Vajigandha Withania somnifera Rt    0.667 g
12 Eranda Ricinus communis Rt    0.667 g
13 Koranta Barleria prionites Pl.    0.667 g
14 Varistha Panchamula (each)        0.667 g
15 Tagara Valeriana wallichii Rt 0.039 g
16 Amrakashta Cedrus deodara Ht Wd 0.039 g
17 Ela Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr 0.039 g
18 Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rz 0.039 g
19 Sarshapa Brassica nigra Sd. 0.039 g
20 Choraka Angelica glauca Rz. 0.039 g
21 Satahwa Anethum sowa Fr 0.039 g
22 Sindhuttha Rock salt (NaCl)   0.039 g
23 Rasna Alpinia calcarata Rt 0.039 g
24 Kalanusarika Valeriana wallichii  Rt 0.039 g
25 Vacha Acorus calamus Rz. 0.039 g
26 Chitraka Plumbago zeylanica Rt 0.039 g
27 Mamsi Nardostachys jatamansi Rt 0.039 g
28 Sarala Pinus longifolia Ht Wd 0.039 g
29 Katurohini Picrorhiza kurroa  Rt 0.039 g
30 Dadhi Yogurt/Curd   10.000 ml
31 Kanchika Fermented grain liquid   10.000 ml
32 Ksheeram Cow Milk   10.000 ml
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