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Citronella Essential Oil - 10 ml

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Citronella Essential Oil is an aromatic essential oil used to improve skin & hair health, alleviate pain & inflammation, repel the mosquitos & bugs and aromatherapy treatment. It helps to maintain & rejuvenate skin complexion, treats skin conditions such as acne, eczema & dermatitis, protects skin from UV radiation & fungal infections, prevents dandruff & hair fall and improves the hair & scalp health. It gives relief from pain, inflammation, swelling, cramps, menstrual spasm, stress & anxiety.

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Citronella Essential Oil (Cymbopogon oil) is an aromatic oil that is extracted from the fresh leaves of citronella by using the steam distillation process that ensures that you get the most benefits of it. With many therapeutic properties like anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, decongestant, anti-depressant & insecticidal, this oil has been used in various products.

Citronella Essential Oil has various benefits and uses.

In Aromatherapy - Citronella Essential Oil has rich citrus or lemon-like aroma with various health-enhancing properties. Its therapeutic effect helps to refresh your mood & spirit, promotes mental clarity, soothes the body aches & nervous tension, relieves headaches, stress, anxiety, depression & sleeplessness and treats cough & other repertory disorders.

For Skin Care – Citronella oil helps to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the sign of ageing. Its anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-septic & anti-inflammatory medicinal effects help to treat various skin complaints like acne, pimples, rashes, oily skin, skin infections, skin inflammation, minor skin injuries, cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It helps to moisturise & nourishes the skin, improves complexion, removes tan & pigmentation, protects the skin from UV radiation & fungal infections and inhibits bacterial growth that causes body odour. You can use this oil for skin by mixing with your face pack, moisturiser & skin cream or with a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil.

For Hair Care – Citronella Essential Oil effectively treats dandruff, removes head lice and improves the health of the scalp & hair. It helps to promote hair growth & reduce hair loss and soothes & nourishes the dry or itchy scalp. You can use this oil for hair by mixing a few drops within your shampoo, conditioner, hair oil or within carrier oils like almond, olive, and coconut oil.

As Bug Repellent – Citronella Oil is very useful as a mosquitos & bugs repellent used as an active ingredient in bug sprays, lotions, scented candles and home care products. Helpful to repel mosquitoes, ticks, bees, bed bugs, fleas, fire ants & spiders and bacteria and germs present in the air. You can use a few drops of citronella essential oil in a diffuser in your home or wipe the place to control the pests with citronella oil and water solution.

As Pain Reliever – Citronella Essential Oil helps to remove toxins throughout the body and anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties of this oil help to reduce inflammation, swelling, joint pain, cramps & body pain. Its antioxidant properties help to improve blood flow and stimulate circulation throughout the body. It helps to relieve osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis-related symptoms.



  • Improves skin & hair health
  • Treats acne & blemishes
  • Treats bacterial & fungal infection
  • Moisturizes & nourishes the skin
  • Heals minor skin injuries & minor cuts
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall & dandruff
  • Restores the scalp moisture
  • Removes head lice
  • Restores the scalp moisture
  • Soothes inflammation & pain
  • Relives menstrual spasm & cramps
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, depression & sleeplessness
  • Reduces stress and uplifts mood
  • Eases negative emotions
  • Excellent bugs & mosquitoes repellent
  1. This Citronella essential oil for skin and hair should be used externally.
  2. Add 2-3 drops to 10 ml of carrier oil and massage on the face/body/head.
  3. Add 8-10 drops in your bath to help to soothe your skin.
  4. For Aroma - Add 8-10 drops to your diffuser with water or mix it with a carrier oil and apply it on the body.

Caution: Some people are allergic to Citronella oil, avoid using it internally or around the eyes and nose.

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