Ayurvedic Churna for Rheumatic & Neuromuscular Problems

Shaddharana Choornam - 50 gms

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This Choornam is a popular Ayurvedic preparation recommended by Ayurvedic doctors mainly for neuromuscular and digestive problems.

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Shaddharana Choornam is an effective product when used for neuromuscular & digestive problems. Rheumatic complaints and Rheumatoid arthritis are also treated. Those suffering from diabetes, flatulence, ascitis and piles will find relief with this Ayurvedic product.


  1. Treats neuromuscular diseases
  2. Treats digestive problems
  3. Effective in piles, gout & leprosy
  4. Treats abdominal diseases
As directed by the Ayurvedic Physician
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical name Parts Used Qty.
1 Chitraka Plumbago zeylanica Rt. 8.33
2 Indrayava Holorrhena antidysenterica St.Bk 8.33
3 Paadha Cyclea peltata Rt. 8.33
4 Katuka Picrorhiza kurroa Rt. 8.33
5 Athivisha Cyprus rotundus Rt.Tr 4.17
7 Daruharidra Berberis aristata St. 8.33
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