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Concentrated Extract
Concentrated Extract
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100% Ayurvedic
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100% natural
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no side effects
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100% veg capsules

Kairali Ayurvedic Products is one of the authentic brands in India that has a long lineage of Ayurveda history. It manufactures the best Ayurvedic and herbal products that enhance growth and immunity altogether. Apart from its wide range of Ayurvedic products, this time it has launched 5 single herb capsules that are health supplement capsules from herbs of Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Neem and Turmeric with Black Pepper. Improving health, being the sole motive of Kairali, these Ayurvedic capsules helps to attain a completely transformed body with a better energy level and vigour.

Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha health supplement capsules from Kairali is a revitalising herb to improve the mental and physical strength. The term ’ashwagandha’ refers to the ‘smell of the horse’, as ‘ashwa’ means ‘horse’ and ‘gandha’ means ‘smell’. Its botanical name is Withania Somnifer or Winter Cherry.
This dietary supplement is the best to reduce stress and anxiety and also overcome fatigue and general weakness. It helps to regulate high blood pressure and also is a brilliant nervine tonic. As it is completely herbal in nature, it does not have any side-effects and can be used to treat numerous health issues. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, some of the benefits of Ashwagandha Ayurvedic capsules are listed below:

  • Helps relieve stress
  • Useful in anxiety, stress & depression
  • Beneficial for fatigue & general weakness
  • Strengthens stamina & immunity
  • Improves memory & brain power
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Improves body sexual functionality
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Act as a nervine tonic
  • Useful in diabetic neuropathy & weakness
  • Helps to treat muscle deficiency, arthritis & gastric problems
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ashwagandha capsules

Safed Musli Capsules

This aphrodisiac, also known as Asparagus Adscendens, is considered as a ‘Divya Aushad’ according to Ayurveda and is an excellent pacifier of Vata and Pitta dosha. It is highly beneficial for people who have erectile dysfunction and helps to improve the sexual drive in men. This Ayurvedic health supplement for men helps to revitalise the body and restore the body’s strength and vigour. Some of the other benefits that this Safed Musli capsule has are:

  • Treats sexual disorders
  • Treats impotence & erectile dysfunction
  • Treats low libido & improves sexual drive in men
  • Improves the sperm count & sexual drives
  • Improves reproductive system & treats infertility
  • Relieves extreme fatigue & weakness
  • Helps in gaining weight & muscular strength
  • Acts as a powerful aphrodisiac agent
  • Acts as a revitalizer & nutritive tonic
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves vitality & vigour
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Safed Musli Capsules

Shatavari Capsules

Shatavari herbal capsules for women support women’s reproductive health. It has powerful anti-oxidants and micronutrients that help to improve the female hormonal system, menopause cycles, treat infertility and boosts breast milk production. It strengthens the body’s resistance power to build a robust immune system. This Ayurvedic capsule is also beneficial after pregnancy and keeps a check on the blood sugar levels by stimulating the secretion of insulin. Hence, Shatavari for gynaecological issues has the following other benefits as well:

  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Helps to overcome extreme fatigue & weakness
  • Revitalises & boosts the body energy level
  • Relieves stress & calms the mind
  • Supports in balancing female hormones
  • Treats pre-& post-menopausal syndrome
  • Supports healthy menopause cycle
  • Relieves in excessive uterine bleeding
  • Promotes a comfortable & regular menstrual cycle
  • Rejuvenates & nourishes the reproductive system
  • Treats Infertility & increase libido power
  • Helps in gaining health after pregnancy
  • Promotes healthy breast milk production
  • Treats diarrhoea & stomach upset
  • Prevents ageing effects & improves vigour and vitality.
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Shatavari Capsules

Neem Capsules

Kairali’s Ayurvedic neem capsules is a wonder herb possessing multiple features that help purify the blood. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that prepare the body to fight against different health issues. These blood purifier Ayurvedic capsules are beneficial for the skin to treat problems like acne, pimples, eczema, scabies and many more. The bitter taste of neem is also helpful to manage the blood sugar levels of the body. It supports a healthy heart by reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Some of the other benefits of neem capsules are:

  • Treats acne, pimples & eczema
  • Provides healthy & glowing skin
  • Beneficial in treating skin infections
  • Enriched with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
  • Supports in purifying the blood
  • Helps in body detoxification
  • Builds a strong immune system
  • Helps in diabetes (to lower blood sugar level)
  • Useful in liver & heart diseases
  • Supports healthy respiratory system
  • Help to stabilize cholesterol levels
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure
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Turmeric with Black Pepper Capsules

We all know the benefits of turmeric. Kairali has merged the turmeric with black pepper for a healthy immune system. The anti-inflammatory properties in these capsules help to relieve the body from pain and inflammation. Turmeric is an excellent spice that aids for a better digestive tract and also helps to rejuvenate the skin. It helps to manage the blood glucose level and reduce diabetes from the body. It is a natural Ayurvedic health supplement that is anti-allergic and antiseptic in nature. It effectively helps to get rid of problems like arthritis, dyspepsia, joint pain, stomach pain, diarrhoea, intestinal gas, loss of appetite, irritable bowel syndrome and jaundice. Let us see some other benefits of having these Ayurvedic capsules:

  • Enhances the immune and nervous system
  • Beneficial in cases of Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis
  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases
  • Has powerful antioxidant properties
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Provides relief from joint pains
  • With Black Pepper, it helps in faster absorption
  • Optimal for diabetic people
  • Enhances immune and nervous system
  • Encourages proper digestion
  • Helps cleanse the liver
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