Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetic & Urinary System Diseases

Vasthyamayanthaka Gritham - 150 gms

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Vastyamayanthaka Gritham is an Ayurvedic remedy which is present in a herbal ghee form. This Ayurvedic Solution is very strong and robust in treating disorders and ailments related to the urinary system.

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Kairali's Vastyamayanthaka Gritham is one of the best Ayurvedic remedy for urinary system disorders. It can treat many chronic as well as acute ailments. This Ayurvedic Solution is used as a medicine and in preparatory procedure called Snehkarma for the treatment of difficulty in urination, diabetes, and Urinary Calculi. It is a great cure for long standing cases of gonorrhoea and blood discharge. It alleviates all problems affecting to bladder. It is a very good herbal solution for chronic leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea and oliguria. It is effective on the tridosha of the Ayurveda and it calms vata and pitta greatly. It helps improve blood flow, movement and also helps with some stomach and bowel movements.

Ayurvedic remedy- Vastyamayanthaka Gritham also helps to relieve giddiness and swooning. It is an effective cure for all problems related to a urinary system with no known side effects. It should still be used only when prescribed by a qualified Ayurveda doctor and very high dosage should be avoided as it might cause diarrhea and indigestion. There are certain things to keep in mind when having the course of Vastyamayanthaka Gritham, like chilies, garlic, etc. should be avoided, and there should not be a delay in meal times. It is one of the best solutions in Ayurveda till date for the rectification of above-mentioned problems.


  1. Good for kidney stones
  2. Effective in urinary disorders
  3. Improves the bladder functioning
  4. Effective in diabetic conditions
As directed by the ayurvedic physician
S.No. Sankrit name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty.
1 Darvi Berberis aristata St.Bk 1.800 gm
2 Madhuka Madhuka indica Ht.Wd 1.800 gm
3 Matsyaka Alternanthera sessilis Pl. 1.800 gm
4 Padma Nelumbo nucifera Fl. 1.800 gm
5 Pasanabheda Bergenia ligulata Rt. 1.800 gm
6 Brhati Solanum indicum Pl. 1.800 gm
7 Salaparni Desmodium gangeticum Pl. 1.800 gm
8 Prisnaparni Uraria picta Pl. 1.800 gm
9 Sveta sariva Hemidesmus inducus Rt. 1.800 gm
10 Krisna sariva Ichnocarpus frutescens Rt. 1.800 gm
11 Iksu Saccharum officinarum St. 1.800 gm
12 Kaseruka Cyperus scariosus Rz. 1.800 gm
13 Kapotapanka Spahranthus indicus Rt. 1.800 gm
14 Iksuraka Astercantha longifolia Rt. 1.800 gm
15 Vasuka Spermacoce hispida Rt. 1.800 gm
16 Sigru Moringa oleifera St.Bk 1.800 gm
17 Balaka Coleus vettiveroides Rt. 1.800 gm
18 Varahi Dioscorea bulbifera Rt.Tr. 1.800 gm
19 Varana Crateva nurvula St.Bk 1.800 gm
20 Draksa Vitis vinifera Dr.Fr. 1.800 gm
21 Bhadra Aerva lanata Rt. 1.800 gm
22 Yasti Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt. 1.800 gm
23 Palankasa gmelina arborea Rt. 1.800 gm
24 Goksura Tribulus terrestris Dr.Fr. 39.800 gm
25 Varirasa Asparagus racemosus Rt.Tr. 20.000 ml
26 Dhatri rasa Emblica officinalis Fr.R 20.000 ml
27 Bimbi rasa Cocinia indica Pl. 20.000 ml
28 Kusmanda jala Benincasa hispida U.R.F. 20.000 ml
29 Urvaru jala Luffa cylindrical U.R.F. 20.000 ml
30 Utpala Nymphea stellata Rz. 20.000 ml
31 Parusaka Grewia asiatica Rt 0.0417 gm
32 Truti Elettaria cardamomum Dr.Fr. 0.0417 gm
33 Madhuka Madhuka indica Fl. 0.0417 gm
34 Hima Santalum album Ht.Wd 0.0417 gm
35 Daru Cedrus deodara Ht.Wd 0.0417 gm
36 Haritaki Terminalia chebula Fr.R 0.0417 gm
37 Bibhitaka Terminalia bellerica Fr.R 0.0417 gm
38 Amalaki Emblica officinalis Fr.R 0.0417 gm
39 Pippali Piper longum Dr.Fr. 0.0417 gm
40 Kaunti Vitex agnus-castus Sd. 0.0417 gm
41 Srngavera Zingiber officinale Rz. 0.0417 gm
42 Saindhava lavana Rock salt   0.0417 gm
43 Hastipippali Scindapsis officinalis Dr.Fr. 0.0417 gm
44 Apamarga Achyranthus aspera Rt. 0.0417 gm
45 Manjistha Rubia cordifolia Rt. 0.0417 gm
46 Padma kesara Nelumbo nucifera Adr. 0.0417 gm
47 Musta Cyperus rotundus Rz. 0.0417 gm
48 Kustumbari Corinandrum sativum Dr.Fr. 0.0417 gm
49 Lodhra Symplocos racemosus St.Bk 0.0417 gm
50 Hayagandhi Withania somnifera Rt. 0.0417 gm
51 Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa Rt. 0.0417 gm
52 Svayamgupta Mucuna purita Rt. 0.0417 gm
53 Iksura phala Astercantha longifolia Pl. 0.0417 gm
54 Varddhi Cajanus scarabaeoides Lf. 0.0417 gm
55 Sringi Pistacia integrrima Gl. 0.0417 gm
56 Silajatu Asphault   0.5500 gm
57 Nalikerodaka  Tender coconut    20.0000 ml
58 Sarpi Ghee   10.0000 ml
59 Ksira Cow's milk   20.0000 ml
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