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Caffeine Free Ayurvedic Herbal Tea to Revitalize the Body

Yuvan Herbal Tea - 1000 gms

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Kairali's Yuvan herbal tea is a great alternative to caffeine drinks which can have a number of side effects on the body. Caffeine is known to harm the sleep pattern and also affect various organs of the body. Over the conventional tea, Kairali has introduced their wide range of herbal teas products that can provide for a soothing effect. They are made from a wide variety of herbs and natural ingredients that work as stress relievers and re-energisers. They are healthier alternatives that also improve the health.
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The herbal tea is a product that is meant to ease the lifestyle of a working person from the house of Kairoli. The ayurvedic herbal tea is a stress reliever as it provides for relaxation through its perfect blend of aromatic flavours and an authentic taste. The tea is extremely light yet potent to relieve all the stress after a day of hectic work. It is a natural re-energiser and a detoxifying agent as well. It is leaded with a wide range of essential anti-oxidants that help to improve blood circulation and allow the body to get rid of toxic agents. It is an extremely healthy alternative since it is free from fertilizers and synthetic agents that are widely used in conventional tea. It also does not contain caffeine which can have a serious side effect on the body. The soothing flavour and aromatic taste of the herbal tea from Kairali surely helps a person to feel relaxed and easy.

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Botanical Name

Part used

Ingredients Percentage


Tribulus terrestris

Dried fruit

34.28 %


Rotula aquatica

Whole plant

17.14 %


Coleus vettiveroides


14.29 %


Tragia involucrata

Whole plant

11.43 %


Foeniculum vulgare

Dried fruit

11.43 %

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