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  • Save your cost upto 19%
  • Increase your margins upto 21%
  • Grow your business upto 27%
  • Also, Launch your private brand for hand sanitizers
  • Bulk Sanitizer order supply starts as low as 50pcs for distributors/wholesalers


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  • 23 + Distributors Worldwide
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Our Range of Sanitizers*

Bulk packaging of Hand Sanitizers Liquid & Gel
S. No. Sanitizer Dispenser Type Packaging MRP Cases

Fliptop Hand Sanitizer

100ml ₹50 Pack of 100pcs

Fliptop Hand Sanitizer

250ml ₹125 Pack of 76pcs

Fliptop Hand Sanitizer

500ml ₹250 Pack of 56pcs

Spray Hand Sanitizer

100ml ₹50 Pack of 100pcs

Spray Hand Sanitizer

500ml ₹250 Pack of 56pcs

Pump Hand Sanitizer

250ml ₹125 Pack of 76pcs

Pump Hand Sanitizer

500ml ₹250 Pack of 56pcs

5ltrs Hand Sanitizer

5000ml ₹2500 Varies

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Packs

50ltrs ₹25000 Varies

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Packs

250ltrs ₹125000 Varies

*Packaging might vary and subject to availability

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Do You Know, Buying Cheap Sanitizers From Dealers Or Traders Or Inexperienced Manufacturers Will Not Only Lead To Increase In Cost & Bad Quality But Also Lead To Closure Of Your Business

bulk discounts for hand sanitizers

High Cost

You will be paying approx. 13 lacs more every year from bad quality procurement and buying from dealers or traders by paying high margins.

hand sanitizer stockist

Bad Quality

Do you know you will be loosing your clients and business if you procure bad quality of hand sanitizers and resell them to your clients?

Delay in Supply

Delay in Supply

You will be facing delays in your orders placed to the inexperienced manufacturers or traders for your hand sanitizers and this can lead to a negative customer experience.

Short Supply

Short Supply

There is always a shortsupply from the actual order value whenever you order gel sanitizers or liquid sanitizers from inexperienced traders or manufacturers and this can lead to loss of money and time.

contract manufacturing of hand sanitizer

Business Closure

Do you know by procuring from unethical & non-licensed manufacturers can lead to closure of your business & govt. penalities?

Don't Worry We Have Your Back

Start your Hand Sanitizer or Ayurvedic Products Business Now

Business Opportunities with us

Kairali has various business opportunities for everyone, you can apply for hand sanitizer distributorship, sanitizer wholesale, sanitizer stockist, sanitizer supplier to your nearby areas. With sanitizer distribution and sanitizer wholesale you can expand your business and increase your sales and reduce your costs. Kairali also has the business opportunity for startups, SMEs, MSMEs & Large Companies to create your own third party manufacturing or sanitizer private label or sanitizer contract manufacturing for commercial purposes and exporting purposes. Our sanitizers can be used for hospitals, commercial hubs, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and government institutions.

Kairali is always committed to give you the best product quality and customer service that will be help you boost your sales and increase your profits

Benefits to Partner with Us

Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

Our Manufacturing Facility Is WHO-GMP, ISO, CE, FDA, GLP & HACCP Certified, So You Never Have To Worry About Our Quality.

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Provides Attractive Margins

Provides Attractive Margins

Our team is motivated and rigorously trained in helping you out to give you best margins for your business whether you want hand sanitizer for hospitals or industrial hand sanitizers or hand sanitizers packets in bulk.

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On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

We are serious about your business commitments and timely deliveries,our team is working 24x7 for ensuring to delivery shipments on time so that you don’t face any negative client experience.

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Client Support

Client Support

Our Business consultants are always just a call away in advising you and recommending you various strategies and leads for generating sales & increasing your profits

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Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Our commitment to the client satisfaction is our utmost priority, we never compromise on our product quality & service deliveries.

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Brand Goodwill

Brand Goodwill

Our Products are accepted and sold to the global audience, so you never have to spend exorbitant money on marketing, it will help you reduce your costs

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You are just a call away for skyrocketing your sales

  • Become Hand Sanitizer Distributor
  • Become Hand Sanitizer Wholesaler Supplier
  • Apply for Sanitizer Wholesale Business
  • Become Wholesale of Sanitizer & Ayurvedic Health Products
  • Start Third Party Manufacturing of Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Distributor, Wholesaler & Supplier

Bulk Hand Sanitizers supplies, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products Become Hand Sanitizer Distributor, Wholesaler Business & Supplier or Buy in bulk
Choose from Retail and bulk packs

We offer wholesale or bulk sanitizers for schools, hospitals, offices, warehousing, industrial & commercial supplies all over India& international

We are quality disinfectant manufacturers & suppliers of medical grade & hospital grade disinfectants products. We supply liquid & gel hand sanitizers. Industrial disinfectants are also available at competitive prices.

Products Available

Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer (70% - 80%)

Natural & Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Bulk Alcohol Hand Sanitizer in Liquid and Gel

Small, Mini & Pocket Hand Sanitizer Bulk (100ml to 250ml)

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Packs from 500ml Onwards

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Cans in 5 Ltrs

50 Ltrs to 250 Ltrs Hand Sanitizer Drums for Commercial & Industrial Supply

Immunity Products

Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Private Label of Hand Sanitizer & Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Reach out to us for third Party Manufacturing or Private Label Manufacturing and launch your brand in just 30 Days. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with all sorts of modern equipments and technology

Products Available

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer (Gel or Liquid)

70% Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Ayurvedic Oils

80% Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer

Immunity Products

Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines

Herbal Teas

Ayurvedic Medicines

Start Your Sanitizer Distributorship, Hand Sanitizer Wholesale Business or Become a Hand Sanitizer Super Stockist

Start Developing Your Premium Sanitizers, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Our Hand Sanitizers, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products Manufacturing Unit

We are the leading Hand Sanitizers, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products Manufacturers in India
production capacity of 10,00,000 Litres of Sanitizers A Month

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer Company
Herbal Hand Sanitizer Company
Bulk Hand Sanitizer Suppliers

Kairali manufacturers authentic hand sanitizer with variety of SKUs like spray hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer pump, hand sanitizer fliptop, hospital grade hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizers are available for bulk purchase, sanitizer distributorship, sanitizer wholesale & private label hand sanitizer. Buy bulk hand sanitizer at attractive discounts. Hand sanitizer wholesale is available anywhere in India. Kairali is the best hand sanitizer supplier.

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Kairali Hand Sanitizer manufacturers have received various certifications for its manufacturing processes and product quality. Our manufacturing unit is CE Certified, FDA Certified, WHO-GMP Certified, Goods Laboratories Practice Certified, HACCP Certified. Our hand sanitizers are toxic free & allergic certified. Our hand sanitizers are anti-bacterial and does not harm the skin.

Australia Certified Toxic-Free
Our products are toxic free, allergic free and safe to use. The certificate has been issued by the Safe Cosmetics Company in Australia
Cruelty Free Certified
WHO-GMP Certified
With this certification, it helps us manufacture products that builds consumer confidence and helps in export opportunities
GLP (Goods Laboratories Practices)
GLP (Goods Laboratories Practices)
With this certification, it helps in building trust and reliability in our product testing and laboratory data, this improves the performance in producing the right results.
HACCP(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)
HACCP(Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)
With this certification, it elevates the quality of the products and organizes the process to produce safe food material products.
With this certification, it promotes uniform national standards and provides access to international market and acceptability. FDA clearance shows that the manufacturer is a serious medical manufacturer.
CE Certificate
CE Certificate
With this certification, it allows you to sell your products in the European countries and it proves that the product is safe & reliable therefore reduces the risk of customer dissatisfaction.
Certified Hand Sanitizer manufacturer
ethyl alcohol sanitizer
third party Hand Sanitizers manufacturer
WHO formulation hand sanitizer manufacturers
who Approved Hand Sanitizers
FDA Approved Hand Sanitizers
isopropyl alcohol sanitizer

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in the last 10 Years, Our 3000 Plus B2B Partners have grown their businesses upto 37% & have increased their profits upto 23% and reduced their cost upto 21% by just buying directly from us.

Our Manufacturing Unit USP

Highly Professional

Highly Professional

– We Have The Best Industry Personnel Working In Our Organisation

– We Have All Legal Compliances And Certifications Required For Sanitizer Exports

State of the Art Manufacturing Unit

Modern & Highly Tech Enabled Sanitizer and Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing Unit

– We Have Highly Clean And Automated Processing And Packaging Unit

– Our Manufacturing Unit Is Highly Automated With Rare Human Touch

In-House Lab

In-House Sanitizer and Herbal Products Testing Labs

– We Have An In House Lab To Provide Quality Products

– We Always Provide Relevant Reports With Each Consignment

– We Have The Latest Technology & Machinery

Timely Service Deliveries

Timely Service Deliveries

– We Have A 48 Hours Dispatch Commitment Policy

– We Offer Real Time Tracking Of The Order

– We Follow A Stringent Checklist From Procurement To Delivery To Ensure We Give The Best Quality To Our Customers

Industry Superiority on Quality Products

Industry Superiority on Quality Products

– Our Organisation Is Over 100 Years Old With Best Experience And Industry Expertise

– We Are Absolutely Professional, Transparent And Ethical In Our Dealings

– We Have Been Customising Our Products For Groups Like Godrej, Diversy And Many More

Leading Manufacturing of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Leading Manufacturers of Sanitizers, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

– Manufacturing More Than 180 Products

– Contract Manufacturing For More Than 100 Companies

– Exporting to Over 15 Countries

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How to Use Sanitizer & Disinfectants?

How to Check Authentic Hand Sanitizer?

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How to Fix Problems with Hand Sanitizers

Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids

There are more than 500 companies making sanitizers & more than 90% of them are selling cheap, bad quality & non-licensed sanitizers that you can't recognize

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OUR Partners


We supply bulk hand sanitizer and take contracts for private label hand sanitizer for various elite partners. We manufacture sanitizer hand spray, sanitizer 5ltrs, sanitizer 500ml, pocket hand sanitizers, sachet hand sanitizer.


We supply hand sanitizer 5ltrs, 500ml hand sanitizer, bulk hand sanitizer & pocket hand sanitizers to various government institutions like Assam Govt., UP Govt., Bihar Govt. and many more state level government bodies.

Online Partners

Kairali hand sanitizers are also available online to buy for personal use & commercial purposes. Our Hand Sanitizers are also available in eGovernment Marketplace, 500ml hand sanitizer, bulk packs of hand sanitizer, 5ltrs hand sanitizer, travel hand sanitizer, spray hand sanitizer, pump hand sanitizer is available.


Kairali hand sanitizer is also exported to more than 10 countries, we export spray hand sanitizers, bulk hand sanitizers, 5ltrs hand sanitizers, liquid hand sanitizer 5ltrs, gel hand sanitizer. Kairali is always looking forward to collaborate with partners for sanitizer distributorship for distribution and wholesale of hand sanitizer in their country.
New Zealand

Retail Stores

Kairali hand sanitizer is also available in various retail stores where you can buy bulk hand sanitizers, travel hand sanitizers, small hand sanitizers in bulk, spray hand sanitizers, fliptop hand sanitizers and pump hand sanitizers.

Here's What Our Distributors Are Saying

During Lockdown my business was hit and I was on the verge of loosing my business but then i researched in google about new business opportunities and found Kairali and called their business consultant, they helped me in launching the sanitizer business in Jaipur and supported me in increasing my sales. Today my business has again come back to the track and I have increased my business to 2x in just 3 months. Thank you Kairali and its team
Mr. Manoj Doshi Jaipur Distributor
Since the time we started distributing Kairali Hand Sanitizers, we have reduced our cost to 15% and increased the sales to 3x.
Sharma Ayurveda Bhawan Punjab Distributor
We are happy with the quality of the products and during the lockdown we had increased our business to 3x through Kairali Hand Sanitizers
Mr Rajendra Gupta RP & Sons Agencies, Kanpur
We are happy with the quality of products and on time service of Kairali Ayurvedic Products.
Mr Santosh Kumar Category Manager – Guardian

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About Us

Kairali Ayurvedic Products Pvt. Ltd. are the hand sanitizer manufacturers based in New Delhi, India, We are hand sanitizers suppliers to distributors, traders, government institutions and export market.

There are various business & distributorship opportunities with us like you can become a hand sanitizer wholesaler, become a trader for hand sanitizers, become a distributor for your respective state or city.

Kairali Ayurvedic Products is a renowned brand among the hand sanitizer suppliers in India where we provide authentic and genuine hand sanitizers. Kairali hand sanitizers bulk supply saves your cost upto 21% and increase your business upto 37%. Kairali Hand Sanitizers are recommended by the best sanitizer distributors in the country. So call now and apply for Hand sanitizer distributorship.

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