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Herbal Shampoo for Color Enhancing & Deep Conditioning

Henna Shampoo - 500 ml

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Kairali has come up with the Henna Shampoo that has the best herbal solutions for keeping the hair healthy and well maintained. As the properties that are used for this Henna Shampoo are extremely soothing for the scalp and the hair, the users will not face any adverse effect of it after using. The three processes of nourishing, conditioning and restoring are done with proper care thanks to this shampoo from Kairali. So, no duller hair with this Henna Shampoo.
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Kairali brings you the best henna shampoo that is filled with the natural ingredients that not only keep the hair black and shiny, but also keeps proper care of the scalp and hair time to time. Maintaining the hair properly is a tedious task cut short by the use of this shampoo. You will be getting a perfect solution for your hair and scalp in that case. For strengthening the hair, providing proper nourishments as well as protecting the hair from any kind of decay or whitening, this henna shampoo is the best task one can take. The natural moisturizer balance in the scalp is also maintained properly with the help of this shampoo. For the proper maintenance of the pH balance of the hair as well you will be getting the perfect support from this shampoo. For removal of the pollutants also, this shampoo comes to much use. Such multifarious use makes the shampoo all the more special for those who suffer from hair and scalp troubles. They also do not have to be scared about any side effects also from this shampoo as this is 100% herbal made. All in all, this is the shampoo that you can be benefitted from for a long time.
Each 200 ml contains
  Sl No Ing. Name Qty
  1 Sodium lauryl ethyl sulphate 57 g
  2 Coconut oil 18 g
  3 Propylene glycol 6 ml
  4 Glycerin  6 ml
  5 L awsonia Inermis(henna)  5 g
  6 Emblica officinale(amla)  5 g
  7 Accacia s innuata(shikakai) 5 g
  8 Sodium Hydroxide 3 g
  9 Guar gum  2 g
  10 Perfume 2 g
  11 Color  1 g
  12 Citrus limon(lemon extracts) 0.3 g
  13 Sodium benzoate  0.3 g
  14 Citric acid-20% aqueous solution Q.S
  15 Aqua  Q.S
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