Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Kairali Hand Sanitizer is the best hand sanitizer in the market and is manufactured by Kairali Ayurvedic Products. Kairali Hand Sanitizer has 70% Alcohol that kills 99.9% Germs & Bacteria. The hand sanitizer is available in gel and liquid form. It is toxic and allergic free that contains safe ingredients and can be used by kids also. Retail packs and Bulk packs of sanitizer are also with us. The retail packs of sanitizer are good for travel, households and office desk purposes and bulk packs are good for commercial use, household purposes, the bulk packs are available at wholesale rates.
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Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Herbal Liquid with Goodness of Basil


Best Herbal Hand Sanitizer Liquid with Effective Antibacterial Properties