Herbal Body Wash for Skin Repair & Rejuvenation

Strawberry Shower Gel - 200 ml

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Kairali's Strawberry Shower Gel is the best herbal body cleansing product to repair & rejuvenation the skin. It gently removes dirt & impurities and gives a refreshing fragrance to the body. It moisturizes the dry skin, restores skin's softness, improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.

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Kairali's Strawberry shower gel (herbal body wash) is a unique soap-free body cleansing herbal shower gel with Strawberry extracts. It takes care of sensitive skin and is Ideal for all skin types. It softens your skin by gently removing dirt, impurities and dead skin cells. It is a skin repairing formula that helps to prevent and get rid with blemishes.

This herbal body wash naturally improves skin's brightens & texture, prevents acne & pigmentation, nourishes & protects the skin from harmful pollution. It mildly exfoliates the dead skin cells, improves your skin quality and helps to remove tan & dark patches. It helps to maintain natural pH level & elasticity of the skin.

Strawberry shower gel moisturizes your skin leaving the skin strawberry scented. It restores softness and maintains oil balance of the skin.

The Key Ingredients in this Strawberry shower gel are:

  • Strawberry extracts: - It is enriched with vitamin C and powerful antioxidant. It effectively cleanses the skin, eliminates the dead skin cells lightens the blemishes, acne scars.


  • Moisturizes & softens the skin.
  • Removes dirt and impurities deeply.
  • Revitalizes and brightens the skin.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Gently exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  • Nourishes & protects the skin.
  • Prevents acne & pigmentation.
Apply a required quantity of shower gel on wet skin and work up with lather. Rinse thoroughly with water. Best results when used daily.
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