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Ayurvedic Medicine for Arthritic, Gout & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yograj Guggulu - 100 Pills

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Yograj Guggulu is a unique tablet of Ayurvedic preparation for the treatment of Arthritic ailments, both acute and chronic. Pain and swelling present in the joints, stiffness, numbness, anaemia, piles, anorexia, ulcers and skin infections are also effectively treated with Yograj Guggulu tablet.

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Yograj Guggulu is the most famous and effective Ayurvedic tablet in the treatment of Arthritis. The inflammatory condition begins with redness, pain and swelling which would remain for few years, unless treated with apt medicines. The inflammation might even affect the rest of the joints a including upper and lower limbs. The major ingredients of Yograj Guggulu is Guggulu, a good anti-inflammatory agent, effectively cures the painful condition of arthritis and swelling as well. Ingredients like pippali, pippalimoola, chavya etc acts effectively against worms, wounds, ascitis, piles, anorexia, ascitis, fistula and abdominal lumps. During medication the patient must follow certain diet restrictions which might otherwise hinder effectiveness of the medicine. Yograj Guggulu is usually administered as a supportive medication along with appropriate decoction.


  1. Effective in arthritis
  2. Increases digestion power & immunity
  3. Effective in joint pains
  4. Improves bone health
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