Online Ayurvedic medicine for headache are available to reduce the pain but Ayurveda is the safest and one of the most natural forms for healing the body. Kairali has authentic authentic Ayurvedic medicines for headache that is beneficial to reduce the pain. These herbal medicines for chronic headache are essential to release the throbbing pain and also provide for a healthy lifestyle. These medicines relieves you from migraine, stress and hypertension. We recommend to use these Ayurvedic products and medicines after consulting our Ayurvedic Physicians.

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Kachoradi Choornam
10 gms

Ayurvedic Medicinal Powder to Relieve Headache and Stress

Ksheerabala Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Medicated Oil for Neurological Disorders

Kayyanyadi Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Head Massage Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control