Ayurvedic Medicine for Fever, Discomforts, Cough & Asthma

Gorochanadi Gulika - 100 Pills

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A special Ayurvedic medicine in Tablet to treat fever and discomforts associated with it like giddiness, nausea, breathlessness etc, especially in children. asthma, hiccups, cough and Hemiplegia are also relieved by Gorochanadi tablet.

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A widely used Ayurvedic tablet to treat fever and its complications. General weakness, giddiness, nausea, head ache etc are cured with Gorochanadi Gulika.

The tablet also acts well in the treatment of Asthma. It has the properties of a bronchitis, with which the congestion complained about in the chest region is relieved.

The pain felt in the ribs due to severe cough and fever are alleviated along with muscular sprains. Since it is safe with respect to the ingredients present and the efficacy, Gorochanadi tablet is nowadays widely used as a tablet of choice for children as well, in the treatment of fever and associated discomforts along with the loss of vitality that might probably follow the infection.


  1. Treats cough & cold
  2. Good in asthmatic conditions
  3. Treats digestive disorders
  4. Also used in memory loss

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Composition: Each tablet contains 1.2 g of dehydrated ground mass prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical name Parts Used Qty.
1 Gorochanam Bile of ox   0.001 g
2 Mrugasringa Helicteres isora Dr.Fr 0.001 g
3 Rudraksha Elaeocarpus gnitrus Sd. 0.001 g
4 Chandana Santalum album Ht.wd 0.001 g
5 Vacha Acorus calamus Rz. 0.001 g
6 Aklari Lodoicea maldivica Kr. 0.001 g
7 Useera Vetiveria zizanioides Rt. 0.001 g
8 Abja Nelumbo nucifera Fl. 0.001 g
9 Gandhamarjara veerya Viverra zibetha   0.001 g
10 Naga Lead (Pb)   0.001 g
11 Krishna Mrugasringa Black Deer Horn    0.001 g
12 Gosrunga Cow horn    0.001 g
13 Varahasrunga Swine horn    0.001 g
14 Ajasrunga Goat horn    0.001 g
15 Mahishasrunga Buffalo horn   0.001 g
16 Kirathathiktha Swertia chirata Pl. 0.001 g
17 Swarnabhasma Aurum   0.001 g
18 PravalaPasma Corel   0.001 g
19 Srothanjana Lead sulphide   0.001 g
20 Karpoora Cinnamomum camphora Exd. 0.001 g
21 Jeeraka Cuminum cyminum Dr.Fr 0.001 g
22 Dronapushpi Leucas cephalotes Pl. 0.001 g
23 Karpasasthi Gossypium herbaceum Sd. 0.001 g
24 Mayura Prickly Chaff Flower  Sd. 0.001 g
25 Lasuna  Alium sativum Bl. 0.001 g
26 Chiruvilwa Holoptelea integrifolia Ht.wd 0.001 g
27 Sunthi Zingiber officinalis Rz. 0.001 g
28 Maricha Piper nigrum Dr.Fr 0.001 g
29 Pippali Piper longum Dr.Fr 0.001 g
30 Agnimantha Premna corymbosa  Rt. 0.001 g
31 Iswari Aristolochia indica Pl. 0.001 g
32 Patha Cissampelos paeira Pl. 0.001 g
33 Sankupushpi Clitorea ternatea Pl. 0.001 g
34 Neeli Indigofera tinctorea Pl. 0.001 g
35 Haritaki Terminalia chebula Fr.R 0.001 g
36 Vibheethaki Terminalia bellirica Fr.R 0.001 g
37 Amalaki Emblica officinalis  Fr.R 0.001 g
38 Jatiphala Myristica fragrans Kr. 0.001 g
39 Tangana(Shuddhi) Borax(Na2B4O7)   0.001 g
40 Mayakku Quercus infectoria Gl. 0.001 g
41 Sadapushpa Anethum sowa  Dr.Fr 0.001 g
42 Ajaji Cuminum cyminum Dr.Fr 0.001 g
43 Mustha Cyperus rotundus Rz. 0.001 g
44 Krishna jerraka Carum carvi Sd. 0.001 g
45 Ambara Ambergris   0.001 g
46 Ardraka Zingiber officinalis  Rz.Jce Qs
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