Ayurvedic Body Pack (Massage Powder) for Rejuvenate the Skin, Mind & Body

Kaya Lepam - 1000 gms

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There are different forms of scrubbing that are used in the spas. For relieving the body from all kinds of stress, this process happens to be quite pleasurable. However, when it comes to the organic SPA technique, then this very process offers something exceptional. The process of Kaya Lepam or scrubbing, as done in the Kairali healing village, happens to be the perfect one. The workers there have a proper idea of how to do the entire process and they make that happen according to that only. You will feel the body de-toxicated from any kind of added stress as a result of that.

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The admixture of Ayurveda and SPA is quite old. In the ancient days too, the SPA techniques or the massage techniques were at large and the people used the organic herbs and herbal extracts in the process. The organic process of Kaya Lepam happens to be one of them. The process of scrubbing the body holds much importance in the organic SPA treatment and that is why the people are now choosing this specific process of Kaya lepam for their SPA experience. Kairali brings you the best SPA experience with the inclusion of the Kaya lepam process. This process not only cleans the body, but also rejuvenates the skin and makes it fresh. In the whole process, all the natural ingredients are used to keep it absolutely non-toxic. After this process is done then the person experiences freshness in his body, a very soothing sensation, that the normal SPAs fail to offer.

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S.No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Part QTY
1 Mudag Vigna radiata Sd. 1.67gm 
2 Kulath Macrotyloma uniflorum Sd. 1.67gm 
3 Japa Hibiscus rosasinensis Lf. 1.67gm 
4 Chandan Santalam album  Ht.Wd. 1.67gm 
5 Ushir Vetiveria zizanioides Rt. 1.67gm 
6 Nimba Azadirachta indica Lf. 1.67gm 
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