Medicinal Red Rice for Ayurvedic Treatment

Navara Rice - 1750 gms

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In the process of organic body massage, the use of different natural and organic elements happens to be quite common. Not only that these elements are used at props to treat the body, but also that the whole body gets a lot of pleasure with the message using these elements. This is exactly what happens in case of the use of Navara Rice. In the massage process called as Navarakkhizhi, this cooked rice is put into linen bags and medicated oils are applied with it in the body. Medicated oil is cooked in cows milk along with different anti-vata herbs for a specific time.

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Different organic processes and props are the parts of the organic and Ayurvedic massage technique and the Navara Rice is a part of it. At the time of a specific type of massage that is called Navarakkhuzhi, cooked Navara rice is used inside a linen cloth and tied with a knot. Milk and some other herbal elements are used to cook this Navara Rice and when it is applied to the body with the ayurvedic oil, the muscle tissues are treated properly. This process is carried out in entire body from neck to feet of the person. Especially this process is done to those parts of the body where the level of pain is high. The people suffering from neck pain, joint pain, injuries etc can get notable results with this process. Now Kairali brings you this Navara Rice for your treatment massage.

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Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty
1 Navara  Oryza sativa Kr. 100%
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