Neem 500mg - Ayurvedic Medicine for Blood Purification & Detoxification

Neem - 60 Capsules

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Neem Ayurvedic capsule is a broad-spectrum herbal antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying medicine used for various health problems like viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic infection, upper respiratory infections, diabetes and heart disease. It gives excellent results in all skin diseases like acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, herpes, ringworm, yeast infection, candida and helps to improve skin health and complexion.

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Neem or Azadirachta Indica is a divine herb. In Ayurveda it is called the ""Sarva Roga Nivarini"" that means the one cure for all diseases and illnesses. Neem has amazing natural antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties that helps to treat various health problems.

Ayurvedic neem capsules help to purify the blood, detoxifies the body and strengthen the body’s resistance power and build a robust immune system. It is used to treat various skin diseases like acne, pimples, eczema, scabies, ringworm, leprosy, candida, psoriasis and yeast infection. This 100% natural Neem powder capsule is beneficial to remove acne & pimples and keeps the skin healthy and glowing.

This Neem powder capsule is used for viral, fever, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, upper-respiratory infection, chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), liver problems and heart diseases.

Neem is an excellent anti-hyperglycemic agent that is very helpful in diabetes management by lowering blood sugar levels and useful in diabetic infections. It supports a healthy heart by reducing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Benefits of Neem Capsules:

  • Treats acne, pimples & eczema
  • Provides healthy & glowing skin
  • Beneficial in treating skin infections
  • Enriched with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
  • Supports in purifying blood
  • Helps in body detoxification
  • Builds a strong immune system
  • Helps in diabetes (to lower blood sugar level)
  • Useful in liver & heart diseases
  • Supports healthy respiratory system
  • Help to stabilize cholesterol levels
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure

1-2 capsules twice daily, or as directed by Ayurvedic Physician. Get Free Ayurvedic Consultation with our Doctors.

Each Veg Capsule contains Neem Leaf Extract 10:1 concentrate - 500mg equal to 5gm pure neem leaf
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  • Q: How does Neem capsule help?
    A: As Neem has antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties and more, it is beneficial for treating pimples, acne, eczema and other fungal infections. It helps to purify the blood and supports a strong respiratory and digestive system.
  • Q: Does Neem help in managing Diabetes?
    A: Yes, neem capsules from Kairali will help to manage diabetes and lower the blood sugar level. The extract found in neem, known as Nimbinin helps to control the blood sugar level and due to its Tikta (bitter) taste it helps to remove the ama (toxins) from the body and improve the metabolism.
  • Q: Is it beneficial for worm infections?
    A: Yes, it is beneficial for curing worm infections. It lowers the risk of parasites inside our body and helps to prevent the growth of worms.
  • Q: Can Neem capsules be used to cure stomach ulcers?
    A: Yes, Neem capsules can be used to cure stomach ulcers. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it lowers the risk of gastric ulcers and reduces the level of gastric acid secretion thus increasing the level of gastric mucus.
  • Q: Can people with sensitive skin consume this capsule?
    A: People with sensitive skin can consume this capsule but the dosage should be however be prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor.