Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil for Piles, Gout, Back ache & Spondylosis

Pippalyadi Thailam - 200 ml

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This thailam is effective in treating piles, this oil is also one of the procedures in the panchkarma treatment called Anuvasana Basti. It is also effective in treating gout, lower back and cervical spondylosis.

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Pippalyadi Thailam is a medicated oil used to treat piles, gout, backache, weakness in the lower limbs and the lower back, lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis and constipation.

The Pippalyadi Thailam is to be applied externally only. During the Panchakarma treatment of Anuvasana Basti, the oil is given as an enema. This oil is recommended to be used under medical supervision.

Application of Pippalyadi Thailam is generally to be used for a period of about 1-2 months.

The advice of the Ayurvedic doctor is to be followed to avoid any side effects. The shelf life of the sealed bottle is three years from the date of manufacturing, once opened the oil must be used within a year.


If the usage of the oil is continued for more than the prescribed time, it may cause a burning sensation. The oil may also result in a little burning sensation in people who have Pitta body type.


  1. Useful in treating piles
  2. Treats constipation
  3. Good for gout & lower back
  4. Effective in cervical spondylosis

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Composition: Each 10 ml Prepared out of
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts Used Qty.
1 Tila Sesamum indicum Ol. 10 ml
2 Pippali Piper longum Fr. 0.18 g
3 Madana Randia dumetorum Fr. 0.18 g
4 Bilva Aegle marmelos Rt. 0.18 g
5 Shatapushpa Anethum sowa Fl. 0.18 g
6 Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra Rt. 0.18 g
7 Sadgrantha Acorus calamus Rz. 0.18g
  Kustha Saussurea lappa Rt. 0.18 g
  Sati Hedychium spicatum Rz. 0.18g
8 Pushkarmoola Inula racemosa Rt. 0.18g
9 Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rz. 0.18 g
10 Chitraka Plumbago rosea Rt.Tr. 0.18 g
11 Devadaru Cedrus deodara Ht.Wd. 0.18 g
12 Goksheeram Cow´s milk   0.18 g
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