Soap-free Moisturizing Herbal Body Wash for Silky Soft Skin

Strawberry Shower Gel - 500 ml

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It has a natural perfume and nourishes your skin, makes it healthy. The product suits all types of skin as it is completely safe with no side effects

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Kairali's strawberry shower gel or body wash softens your skin. It gently remove the dissolved dirt in your skin, impurities and also helps to remove dirt from your skin. Kairali's strawberry shower gel has its unique refreshing cleansing formula that makes your skin soft and moisturise your skin with a beautiful strawberry scent. Not only that it makes you feel fresh and clean. Kairali's strawberry shower gel makes your skin texture smooth and gentle. It gently removes the dead skin cell which makes the skin healthy and smooth. Kairali's strawberry shower gel has an unique features and that is, its soap free formula which always moisturise your skin and it did not get dried out. Kairali's strawberry shower gel makes you feel fresh and the total credit goes to the refreshing cleansing formula of the gel that moisturises your skin with a beautiful strawberry scent. Strawberry juice is full with vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant which protects your skin. This shower gel is enriched with pore cleansing salicylic acid. In this product, that is Kairali's strawberry shower gel gives essential fatty acids which can repair your skin and moisturise it so that your skin becomes smooth and gentle.
Apply a required quantity of shower gel on wet skin and work up with lather. Rinse thoroughly with water. Best results when used daily.
Each 200 ml contains
  Sl No Ing. Name Qty
  1 Hydrogenated vegetable (coconut oil) 18 g
  2 Glycerine oil 10 ml
  3 Aloe vera 8 g
  4 Propylene glycol  6 ml
  5 Perfume 4 g
  6 Curcuma longa 4 g
  7 Strawberry extracts 1 g
  8 Citric acid- 20 % Aqueous solution 0.04 g
  9 Stearic acid 0.04 g
  10 Benzoic acid  0.3 g
  11 Color  0.02 g
  12 Aqua  Q.S.
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