Ayurvedic Medicine for Gastro Enteritis, Scorpion & Insect Bites

Vilwadi Gulika - 100 pills

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It is an ayurvedic tablet used in the Ayurvedic treatment for insect bites, rodent bites, gastro enteritis etc. It is widely used in South Indian Ayurvedic practices. It is helpful in detoxifying the body. This is effective in demoniacs, administered poison and good in Grahani and cholera.

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This ayurvedic tablet is one of the most common antiviral and anti-bacterial ayurvedic tablets used in Ayurvedic treatments. The main ingredients in Vilwadi Gulika ayurvedic tablet includes Aegle Marmelos, Ocumum Sanctum, Pongamia Pinnata, Valeriana Wallichi, Cedrus Deodara, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica, Emblica Officinalis, Zingiber Officinalis and Berberis Artistata. Apart from oral intake, this ayurvedic tablet can be made into a paste by rubbing it with water or ghee and used to apply as a collyrium, it is also applied as a paste over wounds and bites. The fine powder is also used for nasal instillation under medical supervision. The daily dosage of this antibacterial and antiviral ayurvedic tablet is one to two tablets once or twice a day, before food or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor. It can be used for a period of 2 4 months.


  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Treats snake & insect bites
  3. Effective in skin infections
  4. Effective in demoniacs

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Composition: Each Capsule contains - extracts derived from
S.No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name Parts used Qty.
1 Vilva Aegle marmelos Rt 0.073 gm
2 Surasa Ocimum sanctum Fl 0.073 gm
3 Karanja Pongamia pinnata Sd 0.073 gm
4 Nata Cassia tora Rt 0.073 gm
5 Surahva Cedrus deodara Ht.Wd 0.073 gm
6 Harithaki Teminalia chebula P 0.073 gm
7 Vibhitaki Terminalia bellerica p 0.073 gm
8 Amalaki Emblicaofficinalis p 0.073 gm
9 Sunthi Zingiber officinale Rz 0.073 gm
10 Marica Piper nigrum Ft 0.073 gm
11 Pippali Piper longum Ft 0.073 gm
12 Haridra Curcuma longa Rz 0.073 gm
13 Dharuharidra Berberis aristata St 0.073 gm
14 Basthamuthra     Q.S
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