Thailams – Ayurvedic Medicated Oils

Thailams – Ayurvedic Medicated Oils

Ayurvedic Oils is one of the most prominent categories of Ayurvedic medicine that plays a vital role in ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic medicated oils is a specific formulation of different ayurvedic herbs and oils that helps to balance body constitutions or doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha). Ayurvedic oils are used in different therapies to cure different diseases and disorders. Ayurvedic oils helps to remove toxins from the body, improve blood circulation, detox and rejuvenate the body. Ayurvedic Thailams are highly beneficial for providing quick relief in most of the diseases and various therapeutic indications like body pain, joint pains, spondylosis, bone fracture, paralysis, neurological diseases, arthritis, gout, rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and disorders etc. Kairali ayurvedic product is a leading manufacturer and FDA, GLP, HACCP, Australia Certified Toxic-Free and WHO-GMP Certified Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company. We always believe in manufacturing quality and affordable products and ensure to deliver effective and safe products worldwide. Check our complete range of authentic Ayurvedic oils & thailams: - Anu Thailam, Maha Narayana Thailam (Valiya Narayana Thailam), Kottamchukkadi Thailam, Gandha Thailam, Pinda Thailam, Sudhabala Thailam, Karpooradi Thailam, Neelibringadi Thailam, Neelibringadi Kera Thailam, Eladi Kera Thailam, Murivenna, Kayyanyadi Thailam, Dhanwantharam Thailam, Sahacharadi Thailam (Valiya Sahacharadi Thailam), Karpasasthyadi Thailam, Lakshadi Kuzhambu, Prasarani Thailam, Balaswagandhadi Thailam, Ksheerabala (101), Dhanwantharam (101), Kayyanyadi Kera Thailam, Prabhanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu, Ksheerabala Thailam, Bala Thailam, Maharajaprasarani Thailam, Nalpamaradi Thailam, Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam, Dhoordhoorapathradi Kera Thailam, Chinchadi Thailam (Valiya Chinchadi Thailam), Balaguluchyadi Kera Thailam, Chandhanadi Thailam (Cheriya Chandanadi Thailam), Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam, Pippalyadi Thailam, Prabhanjanavimardanam Thailam, Thriphaladi Kera Thailam, Jathyadi Thailam, Durvadi Thailam, Bringraj Kera Thailam, etc.

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Bringraj Kera Thailam
200 ml

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Growth & Preventing Hair Fall

Dhoordhoorapathradi Kera Thailam
200 ml

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Dandruff and Scalp Infection

Dhurdhurapatradi Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Dandruff, Scalp Infections & Hair Fall

Durvadi Thailam
200 ml

Effective Ayurvedic Oil for Itching, Rashes and Non-healing Wounds

Gandha Thailam
10 ml

Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain, Bone Injuries & Fracture

Jathyadi Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Medicine Oil for Chronic Wounds, Cuts, Burns, Blisters & Mouth Ulcer

Ksheerabala Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Medicated Oil for Neurological Disorders

Kayyanyadi Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Head Massage Hair Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

200 ml

Best Ayurvedic Oil for Acute Injuries, Sprains, Fractures & Arthritis

Neelibringadi Thailam
200 ml

Best Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth, Hair Loss & Hair Thinning

Pinda Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Oil for Rheumatic Disorders & Gouty Arthritis (Gout)

Pippalyadi Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil for Piles, Gout, Back ache & Spondylosis

Sudhabala Thailam
200 ml

Ayurvedic Oil for Treatment of Neurological Conditions